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2nd June - 4th June 2023

austria flag Klagenfurt, Austria

(CANCELLED) 2023 IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Satellite Tournament

16th March - 19th March 2022

italy flag Pisa, Italy

14th January - 17th January 2023

USA flag Washington DC, USA

29th November - 4th December 2022

poland flag Warsaw, Poland

2022 IWAS Wheelchair Fencing European Championships

17th November - 20th November 2022

hungary flag Eger, Hungary

2022 IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Cup

22nd October - 25th October 2022

brazil flag Sao Paulo, Brazil

2022 IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Americas Championships

19th October - 21st October 2022

brazil flag Sao Paulo

2022 IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Under 17 and Under 23 World Championships

22nd September - 25th September 2022

italy flag Pisa, Italy