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Wheelchair Fencing Coaching Videos

Wheelchair Fencing Coaching Videos

The IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Coaching video series aims to provide insights and information for coaches and athletes who are just starting the sport. The videos show how coaches from able-bodied and wheelchair fencing can use or adapt their skills to coach wheelchair fencers. For new athletes it also shows how to improve their fencing.

film icon The videos have been produced by Baldip Sahota, (Paralympic Coach) with Touche Fencing Coach and Cameraman Jacques Portal.


This video demonstrates the similarities and differences between wheelchair fencing and able-bodied fencing. It shows how the coach may stand to coach his student, coaching positioning and blade presentations for the wheelchair fencer.

Simple actions are demonstrated: lunge, recovery, moving backwards and forwards and simple parry riposte. The general differences between category A and category B fencers (those that can compete at the Paralympics) and the different fencing approaches are also shown.

Simple Actions

This video concentrates on four actions:

  1. Direct Attack
  2. Quarte Parry Riposte
  3. Quarte Parry, First Counter Riposte
  4. Attack, drawing a Parry, and then an Attack with a Disengage.

Muscle memory

This video demonstrates sequences, or drills, in both attack and defence that are used at speed to induce “muscle memory” so that actions become automatic.

In the fast moving sport of wheelchair fencing, there is not enough time to think of what to do, so these drills help to reinforce muscle memory.

We look at simple direct, disengage and double disengage actions used as an attack, then the same used as a defence after a simple parry and finally combine both actions, attack/defence/ etc.

Spanish and English

Introduction to coaching wheelchair fencing

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