Cuba provides exhibition of wheelchair fencing to help promote the sport in the country


Cuban Fencing Federation included sport during the National Sport’s Festival held San Nicolas de Bari

On the 7th October during the National Sports Festival the Cuban Wheelchair Federation were proud to be able to include Wheelchair Fencing in the event for the first time. Held at the Municipal Sports Centre in San Nicolas de Bari, the town centre location was chosen to allow anyone passing by, on foot, by bike or by car would be able to stop and see the sport.

To those that came to watch an explanation was offered about the event, the sport and the features of the epee and valid targets. Similarly the referees explained the commands, hand signals and cards.

There were three referees who participated: Mr. José Luis Abadía (international referee), Ms. Yamila Figueroa (national referee) and Mr. Rainer Herrera (national referee).

And five athletes competed.   Their final standing was as follows:  

  1. David Gómez Rodríguez (Mayabeque)
  2. Luis Rodríguez Castillo (Mayabeque)             
  3. Dany Martínez Solano (Villa Clara)               
  4. Leticia Fernández García (Villa Clara)
  5. Danger González Mederos (Mayabeque)

The event was covered by the reporter Julio Batista from "Trabajadores" (Workers) weekly magazine. He wrote the article “Mayabeque acoge Festival Paralímpico” (Paralympic Festival was hosted by Mayabeque) which was published on October 8th and can be read at, Deportes (Sports) section.

Secretary of the Cuban Fencing Federation, Ms Mercedes del Risco spoke of her deep emotion to finally being able to initiate the sport in the Sport Festival and help promote the sport in Cuba.

Chairman of (IWFEC) Promotion Commission, Hilary Philbin congratulated the Cuban Fencing Federation for organising such a successful event and being able to arrange for the sport to be included in the National Sports Festival, and was sure that it would be the first of many.


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