IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Release Coaching Video Series to Aid in Development


IWAS Wheelchair Fencing introduces a series of Coaching Videos to help with the development of new coaches and fencers.

After the successful launch of the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Development Training Frame, a series of Wheelchair Fencing Coaching videos have been produced in an effort to contribute further to the development of grassroot up to elite wheelchair fencing. 

The videos provide an online resource for coaches and athletes looking to begin the sport and will demonstrate how coaches from ‘able-bodied’ or Wheelchair Fencing, can use or adapt their skills to coach wheelchair athletes. The videos also demonstrate skills and techniques for new fencers or beginners looking to develop their fencing.

The series of videos will progress from beginner to elite level and are broken down into basic skills and techniques that can be practiced with a coach or partner. With the aim of improving the confidence of both the coach and fencer as they progress through the video series, varying camera angles are used to allow the demonstrations to be viewed from both an athlete or coach perspective. 

IWAS would like to thank GBR Paralympic and Touche Fencing Coach, Baldip Sahota and Jacques Portal for the production of this invaluable resource to the growth of Wheelchair Fencing.

The fist two videos in the series are available to view here.