IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World championships Day Two





                                WOMEN’S EPEE CAT. A and B



Only Epée competitions during the second day of the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Championships held in the Hall C of The Syma Event and Congress Centre.

This competition consists of three classification categories based on disability levels: Category A is for athletes with minimal disabilities, Category B athletes who have a more severe lower limb dysfunction and Category C for athletes with high level disabilities and limited hand function.

The fencing discipline of Epée is derived from the duelling sword used to settle maters of honour in days gone by. The blade is stiff and heavy and the guard on the handle is designed to protect the hand. The target for Wheelchair Epee is all the body above the waist and particular to wheelchair fencing a metallic cloth apron is utilized in epée to make the fights flow and reduce stoppages due to hits ‘off target’.

The second day of the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Championships began with Men’s Epée Cat. A competition. It was a long and exhausting day for the women’s competition finished at 10.30 p.m.!

Men’s Epée Cat. A

The Frenchman Noble Romain (Silver medalist from London 2012 and from World Championship Catania 2011) having disposed of world number one Dariusz Pender (POL) 15-13 and the Chinese Sun Gang 15-14, in the semi-final was beaten by Tian Jianquan (CHN) 15-6, already silver medal yesterday in Men’s Sabre.

The final was fenced in the large Finals Hall (Hall A) on an illuminated piste (metallic Strip) and was steamed live on the FIE TV Channel.

The bronze medals went to Sun (CHN) and Yusupov (RUS).

Men’s Epée Cat. B

It was the first golden day for Russia with Zuzyukov who won this match against the young Iraqi Fencer ALI Amar 14-11, promising Athlete ranked n. 7.

Tam (HKG) and Valet (FRA) taken the bronze.

Men’s Epée Cat. C

Second gold medal of the day for Russia with Logutenko Vs. Lovejoy (USA) losing on the final 12/11. In a exciting finale with a vocal audience showing their patriotic support for both athletes.

Barinov (RUS) and Sundiyev (UKR) had to settle for the bronze medal.


The biggest upset of the day came in the Women’s Epée Cat. A competition where the favorite fencers Kranjnyak (HUN) and Yu Chui Yee (HKG) respectively n. 1 and n. 3 of the International Ranking dropped before any expectation.

First and second step of the podium for China with Rong Jing gold medal and Wu Baili silver medal.

Poland with Fidrych Marta and Russia with Efimova Yuliya both at the third place.


Jana of Thailand showed her class and was worthy of the first seed ranking by making easy work of her final against Briese-Baetke of Germany 15-6 and taking the gold medal and the World Champion title.

Boykova (RUS) and Yao (CHN) taken the bronze medal.


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