Local school provides community spirit during IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Cup in Malchow



Local school provides community spirit during IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Cup in Malchow
As with many organisations within the Paralympic Movement, IWAS relies heavily on the support of volunteers at various levels and of course we are thankful to all that provide their time to support disability sport.

But sometimes it’s nice to highlight the smaller contributions that all add to the success and enjoyment for participants at our events.

One such event was the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Cup in Malchow, Germany earlier in the year.  Throughout the event, the children from a local school ‘Fleeseuseeschule’ were at hand to help in various ways, from providing evening entertainment through dance and music to helping to present medals wearing traditional dress and on the “field of play” completing the hard task of fixing frames to the piste.
The younger children were challenged with a project to create table arrangements that were used to decorate the sport venue and large hall for the evening meals.  

IWAS Secretary General, Maura Strange stated that the contributions from the local school had been very welcomed and brought a sense of community spirit and support to the whole event.  Adding that she was very proud to be given one of the table arrangements to take home with her at the end of the World Cup. In return we hope that the children enjoyed their experience, and who knows certainly a few would have been inspired to continue their volunteer involvement post school years.

Although there are far too many to thank individually, we would like to the younger children in this project (the ones making the table decorations).

Project Manager:     Barbel Schultz

Children:        Marie Borngraber
                       Alexander Manske
                       Anne-Marie Fritz
                       Doreen Brocker
                       Erika Wotchal
                       Soraya Sobing
                       Lisa Matthe
                       Emmi Daniels


Childrens table arrangements