New IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Rules & Amendments Announced Effective from 1st January 2018


Classification scheduling has a new procedure as well as new rules relating to strapping

Wheelchair Fencing Rules and Amendments

At the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Executive Committee (IWFEC) Meeting held during the IWAS World Championships in Rome, a number of Wheelchair Fencing rule changes were agreed. The following rule changes were made after discussions with, and recommendations from the Sports and Rules Commission, the Classification Committee and the Athlete Council and are intended to improve the quality and nature of the sport as well as providing clarification on present rules.

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New Sabra Distance Trial Competitions

The IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Executive Committee have also confirmed that the new Sabra distance (the same as that measured for foil) will be trialed during the first two competitions of 2018, the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Cups in both Eger, Hungary and Pisa, Italy.

For more information on the trial, please click here.


Changes to Classification Procedures

Classification assessment scheduling will now be undertaken in line with other IPC sports standard practice and recommendations.

Classification will take place one day prior to the competition, starting at 08:30 and finishing at 18:30. Athletes will be sent their scheduled time in advance of the competition and will be expected to attend their designated slot promptly. Dependent on the time allocated to the athlete, they may be required to arrive at the competition the day before to ensure they are present for their assessment. 

All medical documentation and athlete consent forms must be sent to the IWAS office at least 6 weeks prior to the competition, along with the date of their proposed first fencing event. This will enable the classifiers to produce a schedule for the assessments. (Due to time constraints this will remain at 4 weeks minimum for the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Cup in Eger, Hungary only)

In addition, due to the changes in regulations for ‘hand strapping’ to the grab bar, any athlete who uses a strap for a medical condition and unable to conform to the new rule m.25.9.11, the athlete must be reviewed by the classifiers prior to the competition, to ensure the correct length of strapping is used. All such athletes must request a medical review for strapping at least 6 weeks in advance of the competition. 

All athletes, coaches, officials and Organising Committees should ensure that they are fully aware of the most current wheelchair fencing rules.