President of FIE and Chairman of Wheelchair Fencing give thanks to organising committee


On the occasion of the forth consecutive time the FIE and IWAS World Championships are held together.


In the evening on 07.08.13 the Press conference has took place in presence of the President of International Fencing Federation (FIE) Mr. Alisher Usmanov, the President of IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Mr. Alberto Martinez Vassallo and the President of the Hungarian Fencing Federation Mr. Zsolt Csampa.

Mr. Usmanov thanked the Budapest 2013 Organising Committee, the City of Budapest, the Hungarian Fencing Federation for all their efforts in preparation of these World Championships.

Mr. Alberto Martinez Vassallo thanked the President Usmanov as it’s an honor for IWAS Wheelchair Fencing to share this event with F.I.E. This is the fourth consecutive time this has happened following similar successful partnerships in Torino, Paris and Catania. He also thanked the Organizing Committee and the Hungarian Fencing Federation for their great work.

The President of the Hungarian Fencing Federation said to be proud to host this Fencing World Championships together with the celebration of the centenary of FIE with wheelchair fencers.

Thanks also for all the Sponsors that have done the possibility to realize this great event.

Mr. Martinez Vassallo was sorry for the change of programme expected for the final men’s sabre Cat. A competition that at first was confirmed in the Hall A – Olympic parterre.

It was the first day and we have no doubt that everything will be in place for the next days.