Search for Future Paralympians towards 2020 TOKYO


Japan Wheelchair Fencing Association  provided "Tryout" Experience

JPC, Japan Paralymipic Committee, held two big promotion programs for future Paralympians, age from 10 to 23,  in Tokyo and Kobe in August, two Saturdays in a row.


JWFA, Japan Wheelchair Fencing Association joined both programs to demonstrate wheelchair fencing and provided “tryout” experience on the wheelchair for the future possible Paralympians.  At the first big promotion programs by JPC of 17 different para-sports in Tokyo and 15 in Kobe, we see many curious and interested faces looking at the sports for the first time, especially younger ones.  We met some winter games athletes who showed strong interest in wheelchair fencing.


As Japan is the host country for 2020 TOKYO Olympics and Paralympics, there will be more opportunities for JWFA to do this type of promotion program, even by ourselves, hopefully at many different cities in Japan to find future wheelchair fencers.