Successful IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Classification Course Held in Sarrebourg, France


Participants from France, Greece and Germany successfully achieved their National Accreditation for Classification.

The latest IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Classification Course was held at Centre Sportif Pierre de Coubertin in Sarrebourg, France alongside the “Challenge International Epee et Sabre" from 2 to 4 June 2017.

Course Leader and Senior Classifier, Ivan Penkin presented a classification course to candidates from France, Germany and Greece which included physiotherapists, general medical doctors and sports medicine specialists.

Theoretical training was followed by practical demonstrations and classifications of athletes taking part in the Epee and Sabre competitions. After successful examinations, Dominique Hornus (FRA), Emmanuelle Benays (FRA), Yohan Peter (FRA), Marilyne Bohn (FRA), Ira Ziegler (GER) and Emmanuel Bogdos (GRE) achieved their IWAS Wheelchair Fencing National Accreditation for Classification.

We look forward to welcoming these new National Classifiers to IWAS and to their continuing professional development to becoming International Accredited IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Classifiers.

Special thanks to IWAS Senior Classifier, Ivan Penkin, Directeur Sportif de L’Escrime Handisport , Alain Febvre and Aurore Badechon, Club Secretary for their support in organising the course.