Wheelchair fencing: New online education platform launched


The International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) Wheelchair Fencing has launched a new online platform where anyone from complete beginners to those experienced in the sport can learn more about it.

The platform, which can be accessed via the ‘online learning’ section of the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing website, is completely free to use and is open to everyone.

There are six modules to work through. Users begin with the history of wheelchair fencing and how it is organised today before progressing onto the detail of how it works. This includes competition, how it is different to able-bodied fencing and information about epee, foil and sabre.

Classification, the basic rules and the equipment used is also covered before the course finishes with links to further resources. Users can test themselves at the end of each module with a quiz.

The platform joins a variety of other free tools created by IWAS Wheelchair Fencing, such as video tutorials on how to building a fencing frame and coaching and refereeing wheelchair fencing. It is designed to attract new athletes and generate interest in the sport.

It is currently published in English with a Spanish version to follow soon. It was developed by IWAS Wheelchair Fencing and its Development Officer Alberto Cruz, with funding from the International Paralympic Committee.

IWAS Wheelchair Fencing has also recently launched an academy which brought together new countries, athletes, coaches and referees in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2021 and will continue in 2022.

Those attending can then join the pathway to major international competition which includes the new IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Satellite World Cup, the first editions of which were held in Frejus, France, and Klagenfurt, Austria, in April and June 2022.